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YUTO Tech debut CES 2018: Take you to explore the new trend of consumer electronics packaging


The 51st International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is grand opening on January 9 to 12 in Las Vegas. CES is a global science and technology event. YUTO Tech, the leading printing and packaging company in China, opens the first show at CES and brought an array of smart packaging, environmental protection packaging as well as leading smart packaging products to the global audience.

CES have been seen as a benchmark for the technology industry in the coming year. In the field of printing and packaging, what are the latest trends and hot spots?


 YUTO's booth

YUTO Tech customized solutions for large customers

Modern life is almost inseparable from the mobile phones, tablet computers, headphones, Bluetooth speakers and other electronic devices, and its packaging can convey a different design concept and brand value. YUTO Tech occupies the absolute dominant in regional market in the field of consumer electronics packaging products, leading the consumer electronics packaging continues to be more sense of technology, design and more environmentally friendly direction.

At CES, YUTO Tech shows packages for mobile phones, laptops, VR helmets, smart audio attracted many audiences with its attractive design and quality. Some consumer electronics manufacturers even came directly with their products to YUTO's booth to consult packaging design and production supply. As a company from China, design capability, production and supply capacity are the common concerns of these visitors from different countries and regions.

YUTO introduced the latest packaging products on Alibaba first day live broadcast in CES

YUTO has a strong graphic design and structural design team and in China and the United States, providing packaging design services, design works won the German iF Design Award, Red Dot Award, Pentawards and other awards.

In addition, providing "embedded" services for large customers, sending packaging boxes to our customers' production lines, docking seamlessly, saving customers time and money and achieving zero inventory, is also important advantages for YUTO to win big brands. For different types of customers, YUTO can provide all-in-one solutions to solve problems of inter-regional cooperation and docking with a globalized and highly efficient service capability.

Audiences look around YUTO's products

The use of environmentally friendly packaging in consumer electronics packaging is the general trend. Throughout mainstream consumer electronics brands in the world, environmental protection and practicality have become increasingly emphasized features. Such as mobile phones introduced by Huawei, MIUI and others in recent years, the inner holder in the box also gradually replaced non-environmentally friendly plastic care with biodegradable paper care.

YUTO continue to invest in the environmentally-friendly materials and processes and its environmentally-friendly paper care products are used by many well-known brands at home and abroad customers. This eco-friendly paper tray is once formed, biodegradable, recyclable, shock absorption effect, mainly used for consumer electronics and other high value goods inner-holder packaging, in line with environmental standards of international high-end customers. As a major partner of many well-known consumer electronics brands such as Huawei, Sony, MIUI and Samsung, YUTO has witnessed and promoted the environmental protection of consumer electronics packaging with continuous improvement of technologies and continuous improvement of social responsibility.

Smart packaging is not far away from our lives

The current hot spots of science and technology are generally inseparable from artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, AR / VR. Packaging as an integral part of commodity circulation and connection carrier, its intelligence is also subject to widespread concern.


the staff of YUTO introduced YUTO Tech's smart packaging

YUTO Tech's smart packaging uses the QR code, AR, RFID, NFC, invisible watermark, TTI tags, smart sensors and other technologies on the packaging, to collect information on many aspects of the circulation of commodities to build a big data platform of the wisdom ITO, make packaging into a truly carrier of all things, enhance values of packaging in the anti-counterfeiting traceability, intelligent positioning, consumer experience, mobile marketing, brand promotion and other aspects, so that packaging becomes as a communication tool.


AR smart packaging  

YUTO Tech's smart packaging covers the hardware access, cloud services and APP software development, to provide customers with one-stop smart + manufacturing solutions. At this CES show, YUTO Tech will try to demonstrate the changes that artificial intelligence brings to life with the smart upgrade of consumer electronics packaging.

Relying on strong design capability, production strength, innovative services, YUTO Tech develops rapidly, has production bases in 19 cities in the world, serving dozens of the world's top 500 customers and hundreds of high-end brands for the consumer electronics, health, tobacco and alcohol, cosmetics, food and other industries to provide customers with professional, competitive packaging products, won a good market reputation.

From January 9 to January 12, at the 60111 booth at South Plaza, Las Vegas International Convention and Exhibition Center, YUTO Tech showed for the first time in the world a wealth of intelligent packaging, environmental protection packaging, smart packaging and other products. What you want to know about the cutting-edge technology and innovative products in printing and packaging, you will be given the answer here.

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